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The soft skills you need to thrive at a startup

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Although 2020 surprised us with many unexpected economic challenges, ingenious entrepreneurs always come up with business ideas for development. It is no coincidence that successful people can always find an opportunity even in the biggest difficulty.

Today’s world is ruled by a big number of restrictions and prejudice. This, however, shouldn’t stop us from thinking strategically. If we plan wisely and team-up with the right experts, it’s possible to develop a promising product. That way the pandemic will help us move forward while our competition is stuck in the mass panic.

This blog post will present to you the best starting business ideas for 2021. We’ve gathered a list of 10 projects that are worth your consideration as a potential business opportunity. We based our proposals on several must-have features:

- Can be developed with an innovative approach;

- Meets the spirit of our time;

- Meets modern needs;

- There’s an increased demand for the product/service;

- Should gain popularity if developed and marketed properly.

Startup Business Idea #1: Alternative Dropshipping and Delivery Services

Some of the biggest companies and personal brand owners follow a dropshipping model. The methodology has proven its success over time, and as it follows, the demand for this service has been increasing. Despite the difficulties of executing orders right now, the number of digitized businesses and online orders is growing rapidly.

Keep in mind that a lot of businesses won’t go back offline, ever. Eventually, they will start to realize the potential of a fully-online driven service – for a lot of offices and physical sites will most likely become a practice of the past. That’s why alternative dropshipping and delivery services have great potential for development in the next few years.

Starting Business challenges for Dropshipping and Delivery Services in 2021

Restrictions due to the pandemic can be very strict on an international level. Some countries have partially reverted to their protectionist policies. However, this eliminates much of the competition and increases the cost of the service. Unfortunate circumstances provide room for innovation. Lately drone delivery companies have been highly valued on the stock market. As long as you think of alternatives, you will be rewarded deservedly.

Startup Business Idea #2: Healthcare App Development

Recent research on online behavior suggests that nearly 90% of users’ time is spent on apps, and only 10% on the rest of the internet. This may not sound like news to you, so what’s the reason for not developing an app in 2021? The pandemic caused undeniable damage to the psychological and physical health of us and our families. That’s why a healthcare app is a good opportunity – it can be about lifestyle, sports at home, psychological advice, meditation practices, or even education. With proper marketing, you will be able to quickly find the right advertisers.

Starting Business challenges for App Developers in 2021

The tricky part about developing a healthcare app is your approach. You really need to think of a unique USP with an additional twist that will make you stand out from the rest. Another way to approach this is by focusing on a very specific niche. We advise you to develop a partially limited version, which does not annoyingly impose its upgrades on users.

Startup Business Idea #3: Virtual Assistants and HRs

Running a business entirely online can be difficult. Good thing is that virtual assistants and HR departments can deal with the hard part of process management. They save companies a lot of time and bad decisions. A lot of business owners are trying to figure out a way to outsource their accounting and hiring. Maybe you can help them out with contracts, daily scheduling, and follow-ups.

Starting Business challenges for Virtual Assistants and HRs in 2021

Keep in mind that your outsourcing service should really bring companies’ performance to another level. Mediocracy can not be tolerated in any way. Do not compromise with the service’s quality and make sure that each client receives the necessary attention. If there is no balance and too much multitasking for your employees, you risk repeating the mistake that you are paid to avoid. For better results, automate whenever you can.

Startup Business Idea #4: Chatbot platforms

Online businesses grow, so does the need for timely communication. It is possible to bring profit to companies by offering them to use a chatbot. By developing a chatbot platform you can increase the capacity and productivity of every organization. Demand for robot assistance has increased significantly.

Starting Business challenges for Chatbot platforms in 2021

You have to offer an unconventional solution with impressive conditions to your partners. That’s the way you will be able to outstand other chatbot services and automated messages. Get to know in-depth the needs of your customers and offer them a systematic and automated solution that can do the work of at least one employee.

Startup Business Idea #5: Job and Productivity Monitoring Tool

A lot of employees confess that the home office makes them less productive. If developed properly, job and productivity monitoring tools are one of the best and promising ideas for 2021. We remind you that at the end of 2020 even Microsoft patented a new technology for productivity monitoring. Follow the example of big companies and consider the same.

Starting Business challenges for Job and Productivity Monitoring Tools in 2021

The biggest business challenge here is within the delicacy of the topic. You need to offer an astonishing UX-friendly design in order to differentiate yourself from all “Black Mirror” scenarios. Make sure that you find the best way to communicate your idea and message. Make it clear that you’re going after productivity, not a privacy invasion.

Startup Business Idea #6: Platform for Freelance Creators

How many of your friends and colleagues started freelancing in the past 12 months? Most probably, a lot. A new platform for freelance creators can help people in need of a job, advice, or expertise. The best part is that you will not only create hundreds of new jobs but also build a strong community of experts.

Starting Business challenges for Platforms for Freelance Creators in 2021

Platforms for freelance creators follow a simple business model where creators share part of their profits. Try to think critically by coming up with fairer and more profitable funds’ distribution.

Startup Business Idea #7: AR Try-On Apps

Advanced technologies like AR come in handy when online shopping. They shorten the users’ path to conversion and contribute to decision-making. By developing an AR Try-On App you can help businesses to sell. Clients will be able to try on different hair colors, glasses, makeup – perhaps even turn into interior designers and find the best place for this new leather couch.

Starting Business challenges for AR Try-On Apps in 2021

It’s very important that you find a team of senior developers for this business idea. AR Try-On apps are impressive only if they function correctly. Bugs can have a very negative effect and even drawback the consumer from the desired product.

Startup Business Idea #8: Automation Tool for Social Media

Whether you’re a business owner or an influencer, once you gain a lot of following, you will notice that it’s hard to keep up with trends. Sometimes you can miss out on important notifications and messages. Automation tools for social media can help out with post scheduling, tagging, answering back messages, and engaging. The business opportunity is big on this one, giving that lately a lot of people gained the courage to start their own business profiles. Starting Business challenges for Automation Tools for Social Media in 2021 The bad news – there are a lot of planning tools online. The good news – most of them don’t work. Try to present an upgraded and easy-to-use version of these tools. Focus your thoughts on news ways to automate posting. Also, make sure that your service doesn’t violate the terms and conditions of social media platforms.

Startup Business Idea #9: Fun Video Chat Platform

If you’ve been following what’s going on over social media, you may have noticed that teenage users are going back to Omegle. Social distancing stimulates the desire for communicating with new people and unexpectedly meeting someone. Think about developing a new app for video chat with strangers, or perhaps a blind date app? There’s a reason why all dating companies added video call options into their platforms. Starting Business challenges for Video Chat Platforms in 2021 When creating your go-to-market strategy, you have to keep in mind that you’re not trying to be the next Zoom or Google Meets. Be focused and unconventional in every move. The biggest danger during the development stage is copying others’ concepts and features. You have to be an alternative to succeed.

Startup Business Idea #10: Games for Virtual Reality

It is only a matter of time before all Internet users make a mass transit to VR servers. That’s why you need to start working on this business idea today. Gather a team of professionals and come up with a fun gaming concept. VR artists are one of the most promising careers of the future, and their talent will be very highly paid over the next years.

Starting Business challenges for VR Games in 2021

Although the competition in VR gaming is not big, the level of creativity of VR designers can be both impressive and intimidating. You should be very prepared if you want to enter this business world. What should all startup owners know?

All startup owners should be aware that testing and validating is a priority. In 2021 there is no time to rely on potential business scenarios – there’s no way you can predict how your customers are going to behave with your product. Testing is the easiest way to find if your business idea is worth the time and effort.

It’s very hard to be unbiased when you dedicate all your time and thought to your business idea. That’s why we suggest that you keep in touch with a consultancy services company.

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